Diana Saenz, Writer

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Witch! concentrates on two main characters, Sarah Good and Tituba Indian.  Aside from taking the literary liberty of placing them in the same cell, this play scrupulously keeps to the actual events and circumstances of Sarah and Tituba.  Witch! opens with the preliminary examination of each woman.  The text from these two scenes have been taken directly from the original court transcripts, albeit a minimum of editing and adding for the sake of dramatic flow and continuity. It then moves on as their relationship develops during the five months of Sarah Good's incarceration before she is executed. 

Regardless of the seriousness of this subject, Witch! is not without its share of charm and humor.   Indian and Good begin as mutual accusers and are naturally hostile towards each other at the onset of the play, Sarah, whose troubles began long ago, is a difficult cell mate.  However, as time progresses, each woman learns about the other until a bonding friendship is developed.  The play moves quickly and is character driven.  It chronicles the development of Sarah, Tituba and the jailer, Thomas.