Diana Saenz, Writer

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Oswald’s Oswald's Chin, a play tailor made for a hip, youthful audience of the Fargo/Pulp Fiction genre, is a fast-paced, dark comedy approximately one hundred minutes in length, and set 30 years after John F. Kennedy’s assassination. There are seven complete characters, as well as three other very small parts of two orderlies and an psychiatric patient. 

There is Muriel, determined to find the tiny bit of celluloid snipped off to superimpose, and create the famous photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald, holding a gun and a Communist newspaper.  She feels that America's innocence was lost when Kennedy was assinated in 1963, and lost along with the missing piece of Oswald’s celluloid chin. 

There is Carl, an ex-con who takes menial work at Muriel’s Highway Motel, and his ex-wife, Kitty the local DJ with a monkey on her back, still holding a candle for Carl.  

The play opens with Megan and Mimsie, a.k.a. the Killer Diet Sisters.  They are both twenty-one and have been dieting long enough to lose 200 pounds between them. Mimsie and Megan are educated in the culture of Hollywood and mass media.  Above all, they are determined to stay thin at any cost. 


We are next taken to the mental ward with Frank, an ex-CIA official, and Julia, an ex-Foreign Correspondent, who are both now insane.  Julia was conceived by Frank and Muriel on the day of the president was killed.  Julia’s obsession to force Muriel to tell the truth about her birth spins out of control.  Finally she and Frank devise a plan for her escape, and bring the conclusion to an explosive ending.