Diana Saenz, Writer

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Celebracion of the Dead is the story of Private Eye, Samuel Sanchez, who in the course of an investigation he agrees to take on, discovers the murderer in his past.  Sam is haunted by the death of his own sister, Julie.  So much so that he has imagined her residing in his very place of business, where as both the muse and the unresolved guilt in his life, she argues and pushes him to write the novel suppressed in the secret of his subconscious.  Sam, outwardly jaded and cynical, thrives within this discourse. 

In fact, all the characters are a contradiction within themselves, people who must come to terms with their illusions in order to realize their dreams. 

Celebracion of the Dead consists of nine characters.  Three females and six males and runs about 90 minutes.  It consists of two songs and a dance number.




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